Eta Lambda Chapter at Franklin and Marshall College

Kappa Delta

International Women's Friendship Month

Celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month each September.

Created by Kappa Delta Sorority, International Women's Friendship Month provides an opportunity for all women to celebrate their female friends throughout the month of September. All Kappa Delta chapters host annual International Women’s Friendship Month celebrations.

Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating women's friendship in September! For more information on the month, please visit the Confidence Coalition website.


The sisters of Eta Lambda celebrates International Friendship month with a variety of activities. This year, Kappa Delta hosted a brunch for anyone who identifies as a woman on campus - including students, faculty, and staff. At the brunch, people answered different questions about friendship, encouragement, and female empowerment at different stations around the room. This was a great way for our sisters to interact with women from other sororities as well as non-greek women. We also have students nominate and vote for their favorite female professors and these professors get a gift card to a place of their choosing!